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History of Holy Trinity


The parish of Holy Trinity, Headingley began as a mission, established in 1853 by  First Rector Rev G.O. Corbett. A large building was constructed to house a mission house, home, church and school, all under one roof. In 1854, a church was built on the north bank of the Assiniboine River. It was named after the Parish of Holy Trinity, Headingley, in Leeds, England, who had contributed to Rev. Corbett's work. 


In August, 1884, the church was destroyed by a fierce cyclone. Construction began the following June and the new church was consecrated on September 13, 1885.  The church was moved to a new foundation in 1904 and a chancel was added in 1905.  Additional construction continued with the addition of a bell tower in 1910; however, the tower was destroyed in 1919 by a severe thunderstorm.


The school in Headingley experienced setbacks as well.  Construction on the third school was completed in 1909 only to be destroyed by fire a short time later in January of 1910.


The years following World War I were difficult for Holy Trinity. The community began to shrink and so did the congregation.  Finances became an issue as well. Winter services had to be held in the United Church or the school as the road to the church became completely blocked with snow.

In summer months, the mud road was also impassable at times; however, the spirit of Holy Trinity prevailed.


Installed in 1906, in memory of 

Mary Ann Tait

Born June 13, 1856

Died September 5, 1901

A lot was eventually purchased from the Headingley Agricultural Society for the sum of one dollar, with the aim of making the church accessible year round.  In 1951 the church tower was removed so that the building could pass under power lines, and on December 23 the church began its journey across the field to its new destination on Portage Avenue where it stands today.  


Extensive renovations to the church have been made since then:  The roof rafters were replaced, the roof repaired, the church interior painted, and all the windows were re-glazed.  The stained glass windows were also re-leaded.  A basement hall that included a kitchen, washrooms and Sunday school space, was completed in 1987, and in 2012 a wheelchair lift was installed, made possible by the generous donations of members of the congregation.


Holy Trinity is rich with history and brimming with many cherished gifts and donations.  In 1866 the church received a a church bell weighing 276 lbs, a gift from Bishop Anderson.  This bell continues to ring out today calling worshippers some 150 years later.  


In 1876, the church received a Communion set from an anonymous gentleman in Brooklyn, New York; and shortly thereafter the Baptismal font was received from St. Lukes, S. S., Brooklyn, New York. Any connection between the two donations is not known.

In Loving Memory of

Sydney W. Shepherd

1916 - 1998

As you enter Holy Trinity one cannot help but stop to take in the surroundings.  From the beautiful stained glass windows in loving memory of many, the colorful banners that adorn the church celebrating various events, to the picture of the church flanked by rainbows that was taken by a Headingley resident while attending the Headingley Community Centre.    It is a special place.


Over the years there have been many dedicated people who have contributed to the church in so many ways.......too many to mention. Their contributions have made it a place of worship and fellowship that we are thankful for, and gives us great pride.

In Loving Memory of

Rev. Bob Flegg & Betty Flegg

     1924 - 1993         1924 -2015 

In Loving Memory of

Norma Leslie Shepherd

1921 - 1990

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