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Holy Trinity Cemetery

82 Curry Drive

Holy Trinity Cemetery, Headingley, is a beautiful historic cemetery.


If you require assistance in obtaining the rights to a plot for a loved one, please know that we have plots available for both full burial and interment of ashes.


For each burial plot, one full burial and two ash burials are permitted.  Alternatively, three ash burials are allowed.


If you are interested in the niches in the columbarium, the 12x12x16 niche holds three urns; and the 12x12 niche holds two urns. We will also make arrangements for engraving on your behalf.


It should be noted that in winter, interment may be delayed due to weather conditions.


There are many issues and options that can be discussed with the Cemetery Manager, Diane Trenholm, who is willing to assist you when you require her help. Please contact Diane by phone at

204-955-8116 or through email at

Photo taken and donated by

J. Johner of Headingley

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